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The Jewish Cemetery. Synagogue, Ghetto and Jewish Museum.
Visits to the Synagogue, The Museum of Jewish Culture and the Ghetto. Winter
opening times: 10.00-12.30 am 3.00-5.30 pm
Summer opening times: 10.00-
12.30 am 4.00-7.00ג€“  pm.
Closed on Saturday. Contact by telephone or email:
Tel. +39 328 1907173   -
English-Italian guide to the Jewish
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This may become a true love story to you, like it has for me. You are initiating your trip to
Pitigliano, a small Italian village, located south of Florence and North of Rome. For me, the
beginning of my personal trip was on October 15, 1995, reading an article in the newspaper
"Corriere della Sera".
To the full love story...)
La Domenica del Villaggio
Download the best Panoramic
picture of Pitigliano in the web, by
Filian (Large or Original Size)
2000: The wedding of Ifat and Zohar
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By Simone Francardi